At Wholesale Safety Storage Australia, we want to help you to get the safety equipment you need, without extending your budget.

We offer a number of payment solutions.

  • Bank transfer or credit card payment
    • The simpilest and quickest way to get products from the manufacturers floor to your door.  Instructions for making these payments will be included on your invoice
  • Lay-by (Instalments to be paid prior to delivery of goods)
    • For orders above $1,000 we can set up regular instalments over a 5 week period until payment is complete
    • For orders above $2,500 we can set up regular instalments over a 10 week period until payment is complete
    • Other time frames can be negotiated prior to the first invoice and payment of deposit
    • Please note that this is not a credit facility where the goods will be delivered before payment is complete

    • An example of when this is useful:
      • If Worksafe inspect your facility and find that you are non-compliant with current legislation, you will be required to  prove that you have ordered the necessary safety equipment
      • We appreciate that this could have a damaging effect on your cashflow
      • If you purchase from us on this plan, we can help you budget smaller, regular payments and also provide you with a certificate of purchase that your safety equipment has been ordered
      • If Worksafe conduct a follow up visit, you will be able to show them that the necessary safety equipment has been ordered

    • Please note; It is the responsibility of the purchaser to inform us of the time frame given to them by Worksafe in which the goods are required.  We are more than happy to work with you to spread the payments out over a time period.  But it is ultimately the purchasers responsibility to have payment completed so we can deliver the goods before your deadline
    • This is not a credit facility - it is only designed to help businesses meet Worksafe Laws within your budget.  If the goods are not paid for in full, we are not able to deliver
    • Upon payment of 75% of the total invoice, the goods will be ordered and where necessary, manufacturing will begin.  In this case, Wholesale Safety Storage Australia will be required to pay our supplier in full.  Therefore, we would not be able to refund any part payments once 75% of total invoice is paid
    • As this is not a credit facility, we do not charge you interest.  However, if you discontinue with your purchase plan before 75% of invoice has been paid, we will refund your payments, minus a small administration fee of $10.00 per week