Shipping Conditions

  • Shipping is contracted to 3rd party carriers (ie; TNT, Toll, Hi-Trans, Northline, Followmont, etc)
  • Wholesale Safety Storage Australia and the carriers we contract are responsible for delivery of goods to the customers door only.
  • Any additional handling or manoeuvring to get the items in to position that requires specialised equipment, such as a tailgated truck or a truck mounted forklift, is not covered by any free freight offers.
  • Additional carrier charges will be passed on for specialised logistics services.
  • If in doubt, please request a quote online, by email ( or by phone (1300 903 933).

Shipping FAQ

  • How does the automated shipping work at checkout?
    • Wholesale Safety Storage Australia (WSSA) holds an account with TrandDirect ( allowing us to automate Australia wide shipping options
    • After the customer has entered their billing and shipping details, there will be space towards the bottom of the page to re-enter your postcode (see image below)
    • A shipping cost is returned based on the dimensions of the item and postcode

  • What shipping options will be available?
    • TransDirect has a large network of freight companies to choose from, including:
      • TNT
      • Toll
      • Allied Express
      • Northline
      • Sampson Express
      • Fastway (smaller items only)
      • Couriers Please  (smaller items only)


  • What markup/handling charge or other fees does WSSA add to shipping costs?
    • Zero
    • There is an option for companies like ours to set a markup $ or % amount to each shipping quote, which is automatically applied to the quote.  Ours is zero


  • When should I use automated shipping quote and checkout?
    • If you have single items
    • If you want a quick and easy purchasing option, without needing to go through a sales phonecall/email process
    • Occasionally WSSA will offer free shipping on particular items to metro areas of Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.  In such cases, use the coupon code "metro250" at the checkout stage to apply free shipping
    • Similar to above, you can use the same coupon code if you will arrange your own freight company.  Enter the coupon code "metro250" to bypass the automated freight quote, and contact us by email/phone with the details
    • Note when using coupons: do not fill out the TransDirect box (shown in the image earlier in the page).  It will override the coupon. Do fill out the address and postcode of the billing & shipping section


  • When should I not use automated shipping quote and checkout?
    • If you need a tailgated truck to offload goods it is always best to check with us first (ie; no forklift/walkie stacker, etc available for unloading)
    • When ordering multiple items it is best to request a quote.  A customer can still quickly and easily go ahead with automated checkout, but the freight costs maybe higher than necessary.  The system will calculate each item individually, without considering how they could be stacked, wrapped or pallatised together
    • If you want to double check the price of freight after seeing the automated quote, please contact us!  Remember, the automated quote is all computer generated - it has no ability to negotiate pricing, etc.  Sometimes we can get cheaper quotes by phoning our freight network.  Please use the "Request Quote" button, or the "Contact Us" form on our website.  Or give us a call/email and we'll get back to you asap


At the end of the day, we want our customers to have the best shopping experience available.  We don't want our customers to be paying more than necessary for shipping - and we don't intend to profit from shipping.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can help, or if you have additional questions/ comments/ suggestions about your experience on our website.

Thank you and all the best from the team at
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