Spill Kits - Truck & Van Canvacon Bags

These spill kits have been specifically designed for use in the transport and logistics industry.  Conveniently sized canvacon bags can be placed in the cab or behind the seats for an emergency while on the road.  Fuel & oil, general purpose and hazchem spill kits are available.  Discounts & other sizes available for courier and truck fleets. Contact us for details.

Spill kits - General Purpose

General purpose spill kits are also known as universal spill kits or all-liquid spill kits. They are used to soak up coolants, degreasers, paint, blood, bodily fluids, oils and fuels as well as mild acids, bases and water-based chemicals.

Spill kits - Hazchem

Hazchem spill kits, also known as chemical spill kits, are ideal for industrial facilities, workshops, minesites, warehouses, factories, hospitals, laundries and laboratories. These durable, high-vis and mobile kits can be taken directly to a spill.


Spill kits - Oil & Fuel Outdoor

Our outdoor oil and fuel spill kits are ideal for unsealed areas around mine sites, drilling rigs, truck stops. All absorbents and other components are designed for outdoor and harsh conditions.

Spill kits - Oil & Fuel Indoor

These oil and fuel spill kits are designed for sealed areas in and around workshops, warehouses, loading docks, factories and manufacturing stores. All absorbents and components contain little or no dust.

Spill kits - Lab & Healthcare

These spill kits have been designed specifically for the health care industry and for any liquids that may be commonly spilled in medical facilities or laboratories.


Spill kits - Marine

Marine Specific Oil and Fuel Spill Kits are specifically designed to recover oil and fuel spills from water. Housed in durable bins, these mobile kits can be stored close to spill prone areas for immediate spill response. Ideal for the control, containment and clean up of oil and fuel spills in ponds, damn, rivers, bays, harbours, and waterways. Making these spill kits the perfect solution when protecting jetties, shorelines and riverbanks from oil contamination.

Spill kits are used to control, contain and clean up spills. Spill kit components are easily replaced individually and can be modified to suit individual requirements.

Spill kits contain a range of absorbents and accessories that allow operators to quickly contain and clean up spills and are available in a huge range of sizes and types. Ensure your spill kit on hand is fit for purpose to help minimise risk and meet your environmental obligations.

Our range of spill kits has been designed to deal effectively and rapidly with a spill, no matter what the type of liquid and surface. Spill kits are supplied in a range of standard containers from wheelie bins to carry bags and include a variety of absorbents designed, manufactured and colour-coded for a specific task.